For people who prefer to prevent instead of healing.

Natriche Cholesterol


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Contributes to the maintenance of normal cholesterol levels*
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What is Natriche Cholesterol?
Red Yeast Rice
60 softcapsules in one box (1 month)
10 mg Monacolin K
Including Q10


The unique composition of a Natriche Cholesterol soft capsule with Red Yeast Rice, Q10 and Fish Oil contributes to the maintenance of normal cholesterol levels and the normal functioning of the heart *. Natriche Cholesterol is a natural formula with 10 mg Monacolin K from Monascus purpureus (red fermented rice). Moncaolin K is an important active ingredient in Red Yeast Rice. From Monacolin K from Red Yeast Rice has been scientifically proven that intake of 10 mg per day is good for cholesterol levels. Omega 3 fatty acids are essential fatty acids that cannot be made by the body itself. The polyunsaturated fatty acids EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid) have a positive effect on the normal functioning of the heart, * with a daily intake of 250 mg EPA and DHA.

Buying Red Yeast Rice? Natriche Cholesterol contains Red Yeast Rice with Q10.

In addition, with a daily intake of 250 mg, DHA is good for brain function and vision. The most optimal dose of Natriche Cholesterol is only 2x a day intake of our soft capsule.

The effect of Monacolin K from Monascus purpureus (red fermented rice) is praised worldwide for its effect, many reports from scientists have already been published, for more information we refer you to our website: www.Natriche.com

Natriche Cholesterol is a proactive supplement, which can be enjoyed throughout the year and thus ensures the maintenance of a responsible cholesterol level.

The working of Red Yeast Rice, is world famous for its activity, many reports of scientists have already been published, for more information we kindly refer you to our blogs and news.



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Each capsule contains 785mg (+/- 7.5%) of:

Bovine gelatin, White Beeswax, Fish oil, Thickener (Glycerol), Monascus Purpureus extract, Water, Co-Enzyme Q10, Colorants (Titanium dioxide, Black Iron oxide, Na-Cu-Chlorophyllin).

Active ingredients:

Fish OIL820 mg

Of which 410 mg Omega 3 fatty acids (220 mg EPA / 150 mg DHA)

Monacolin K10 mg

from 200 mg of course Monascus Purpureus (red fermented rice)

Coenzyme Q1010 mg

* Based on a daily dosage of 2 capsules.

A varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle is important.
Dietary supplements from Natriche are no substitute for a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet, but can be a good addition.

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