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5 reasons why your children should take beta glucan

Don’t know what beta glucan is yet? Read HERE our blog about yeast beta glucan.

Natriche Immune Kids’ main ingredient is yeast beta glucan. To prevent common child complaints, beta glucan for children covers the basis of your child’s health. Beta glucan has many benefits for children, including:

1. Support the immune system
2. Helps with allergies
3. Helps the respiratory system
4. Healthy heart benefits
5. Prevention of obesity

All these issues play an important role in preventing or improving childhood diseases. Not only is prevention important for their health now, but also for their continued health as they grow up. Protecting our children’s immune systems and preventing chronic childhood illnesses ensures that they stay healthy for life.

Support the immune system

Researchers are still learning about the immune system, which is a web of complicated responses. Although we tend to talk about stimulating the immune system in a general sense, we actually need more than just an increase in immune activity. A primary immune response can increase inflammation – simply increasing that type of response is not always beneficial. Instead, immunomodulators, such as beta glucan, will help adjust an efficient immune response. Some white blood cells are called macrophages that surround and destroy threatening substances. Inflammation is intended to allow white blood cells to infiltrate into threats, such as a virus. Macrophages are activated by the intake of beta glucans, making them alert to cells and organisms that should be targeted.


Helps with allergies

When the body attacks benign substances as if they pose a threat, there is an unfortunate kink in the immune system. According to the American College of Allergies, Asthma and Immunology, no less than 40% of all children in the US are affected by nasal allergies alone – without regard to skin or food allergies. Allergies can contribute to a range of childhood problems, from inattention to missed school days. Food and contact allergies can be avoided, although avoidance is often annoying for a child, especially when they are very young. Seasonal or air allergies are almost impossible to avoid. Unfortunately, treatments are usually freely available drugs, recipes or even injections. Remember that allergies are an overreaction of the immune system, so the immune system is the ideal place to deal with allergies naturally. We have already seen how beta glucan can help children regulate immune responses. This type of immune adjustment may be useful with regard to overreaction and too low a response.

Helps the respiratory system

At the top of the list of global health problems, children are increasingly affected by respiratory problems. Undoubtedly, environmental pollutants are largely to blame. But this ranges from allergic and asthmatic reactions to repeated infections. School-aged children get different colds every year. This cold not only makes our children feel miserable, but they will miss school and parents will miss work to look after them. With everything from cars to carpets to computers that emit pollution against us and our children, environmental protection can be difficult, if not impossible. We have to dig deeper and hit respiratory disease where it starts. In addition, antibiotics are often prescribed, which contributes to the excessive use of antibiotics that causes a public health crisis. Again, the immune response effects of beta glucan are very beneficial – even necessary. A properly functioning immune system is crucial to defend against all invading pathogens, including cold viruses. It is currently established that glucans derived from yeast have beneficial effects against colds and respiratory complaints and against allergy symptoms.


Healthy heart and obesity prevention

The stigma surrounding obesity can be emotionally unhealthy. Not only should we focus on the prevention of childhood obesity, but if we understand the mechanisms of obesity, we can help our children become healthy adults. Obesity comes with many stigmas, and childhood obesity is not exempt. Assumptions about habits and health are made and advice can be more critical than favorable. Healthy habits established from an early age can lay the foundation for a lifelong health. Diet and exercise are certainly important to maintain, but obesity is much more complex than calorie intake and output. An overweight child is not necessarily the result of poor parenting, laziness, or any other low-flattering assumption. Obesity as a metabolic disorder and inflammatory disease is important to consider. Our complex immune system can also play a major role in this problem. Low-grade levels of inflammation are a marker of obesity for both children and adults, with inflammation increasing along with weight. Inflammation that transports white blood cells to a disease is good; an inflammation that constantly circulates through the body is not. Insight into the importance of physical fitness, inflammation levels are higher among inactive overweight children than among children who are physically fit but are extra heavy. Inflammation connects obesity with other inflammatory diseases, such as heart disease and diabetes. Whether or not children are visibly struggling with their weight in childhood, they are still building their foundation for adult health. Preventing inflammatory diseases from childhood helps them have a better chance as an adult. Whether or not a child is overweight, a beta glucan supplement in childhood treats an underlying cause of obesity before it becomes a lifelong struggle.

All reasons why your children should also take beta glucan. Look in our webshop for our product for Kids, which, in addition to beta glucan, also contains many other vitamins and minerals and which also tastes incredibly tasty, without sugar.

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