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Why Zinc and Selenium (Natriche Immune) are good for your immune system?

Natriche Immune contains zinc and selenium. These trace elements support the immune system. But what exactly are zinc and selenium and how do they maintain the immune system?

What is the immune system and what factors contribute to its activity?

The immune system is in fact a complex network of cells, tissues and organs that work synergetic to different pathogens and intruders that penetrate the body, to ward them off and fight them with extern resources that can cause diseases, for example bacteria’s, funguses, viruses, parasites, allergens, microbes, etc.
The immune system is capable to recognize millions of pathogenic factors and the components of it communicate with each other in an effort to kill these pathogens or at least to control them, before they spread further in our systems and cause diseases. as soon as immunity defense cells get an alarming signal, they start to produce strong chemicals that make them capable to reproduce and increase their capability to fight pathogens.

The most important cells that are responsible for the containment of the immune function are T-lymphocytes. They are a class of white blood cells that reproduce themselves to fight foreign intruders. The second components are antibodies that are capable to recognize the strange body and adapt to its form (contrary to the body’s own cells), copulate with them and to kill it.
Although the own system function of the body is capable to fight thousands of pathogenic factors, on a regular basis, could in a lot of cases the own possibilities of the body be disrupted, for example because of a virus, a shortage of nutrients, stress and other pathogenic factors that can lower the ability of the immune system to defend the body. That is why it is important to give our body everything that it needs, for example micronutrients, so that our immune system is better capable to fight all these pathogenic and toxic factors.

The role of zinc and selenium in maintaining the functioning of the immune system.

As mentioned above, does our immune system need certain factors to remain strong and fight pathogens. One of the most important, as shown by different studies, are zinc and selenium.
Zinc is an essential trace element that is by nature present in almost all cells of the human body and from the outside it is found in some sort of foods, like eggs, sea fruits, and supplements (Natriche Immune). Zinc is a very vital factor for the regulation of cellular metabolism and plays an important part at the activity of more than 100 enzymes, protein formation, antioxidant activity, wound healing, DNA-reparation and of course the function of the immune system. It also helps to keep hair, skin and nail tissue healthy and bright and also supports a healthy pregnancy for women.

The essential status of zinc for humans was recognized around 40 years ago in the Middle East. Scientist saw that people with zinc shortages experienced multiple infections and a bad functioning of the immune system, which led to diseases.

The capability of zinc to enhance the immune system function with certain disorders is supported by many researches over the past decades. One specific study conducted by Ohio State University and published on British television, showed that zinc can prevent the immune system of walking out of hand and cause serious problems after ‘sepsis’, a life threatening condition in which the body attacks its own organs and fakes cells to fight infections.

In a few lines, zinc can support the functioning of the immune system whenever that is needed, or help to control the effects when it attacks the own cells of the body. This is why it is considered by many as an ‘immune modulator/regulator’.

Selenium is in fact a different trace element that is also present by nature in the human body and in different nutrients that are mostly from animal origin, like red meat, fish/sea fruits, eggs and mushrooms. Surprisingly enough researchers from the begin of the 1930’s thought that this was a toxic substance, while in reality, it appeared later, that it is a vital trace mineral for the human health.

Selenium is made of (seleno)proteins, that plays an important part in reproduction, the metabolism of thyroid hormones, the creation and reparation of DNA, oxidative damage and the fight against body infections.

Some researches have examined the role of the immune system in different ways and the results were promising. Diet selenium (originated from nutrition or supplementation) appeared to be playing a role in the immunological treatment of viral and bacterial infections.

Diet selenium can in particular support the creation and reproducing of T-lymphocytes and differentiation of T-helpers to infection control with a minimal risk of attacking body’s own cells.

Other nutrients that support the activity of the immune system:

YEAST Bèta 1,3/1,6 glucan – a polysaccharide won out of the cell wall of bakers’ yeast – is a natural nutrient that traditionally is a more than excellent supporter of the immune system and is excellently prepared for its task.

Bèta 1,3 glucan appears to be a very strong working food supplement (Natriche Immune) with a broad-spectrum systemic effect: a non-specific immune stimulator, as well as an antioxidant with a great radio protective effect. De substance has no adverse reactions or negative side effects and is moreover safe to use for people with an allergy or intolerance for yeast.
Bèta glucans are intensively investigated in de 1930’s. The most research has taken place in relation to the immune system.

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