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Why a strong immune system is also important in the summer

Diseases, flu and colds are often associated with the fall and winter months. Many are surprised when they get a cold in the summer. Although our immune system can beat viruses a little more easily in the summer, this does not mean that you are not at all susceptible to diseases in the warm months of the year.

A summer cold feels different to a cold in winter because of the time of the year. But they both have the same cause, namely the same type of virus. This virus is usually contracted by a person who places his infected hands in his eyes, nose or mouth. The big difference between the two colds is the way we respond to them. In the winter months we tend to stay in bed and try to fight the cold. Fewer people do this in the summer due to the nice weather, vacations, barbecues and outdoor activities. Because of this we give our body less chance to heal from the common cold, which in turn results in a longer duration and more severe symptoms.

Another reason why a cold in the summer is worse than in the winter lies in the virus type. The rhino, corona and parainfluenza viruses that cause upper respiratory tract infections in winter are accompanied in the warmer months by a particularly annoying accomplice: the enterovirus, which can cause more complicated symptoms. The enterovirus spreads through coughing and sneezing, and via the fecal-to-oral route. The virus can cause diarrhea, along with sore throat, skin rashes and other symptoms in addition to the typical headache, cough, congestion and low fever. Winter colds make you feel really sick, and then you get over it. A summer cold just seems to lurk in the background and goes on and on.

Sleep deprivation also undermines the immune system. People sleep poorly in the summer in particular. It is difficult to fall asleep during a very hot night and people often go to bed later because the light is longer. The production of melatonin in your body also starts later in the summer, making you feel less tired and falling asleep less. All this has a negative effect on your immune system and makes you more susceptible to viruses.

Many people are less hungry at hot temperatures. As a result, they eat less, but many drink more alcohol and will have a snack late at night when they do get hungry. Because of this, one does by far not get all the important nutrients. Your resistance drops when you do not get enough or not all of the important nutrients.

Another summer-specific factor that can increase the chance of a cold is constant exposure to recirculated air, which can dry out the lining of the nostrils, leading to an open gate for viruses. This is the case in both air-conditioned buildings and in airplanes full of holidaymakers.

In the winter the immune system weakens, it becomes less active. As a result, we also have more flu and cold problems in the winter. That is why it is especially important to strengthen your immune system well in the summer. Then, you will not only get sick less quickly in the summer, but you are also less susceptible to diseases in the winter.

So it is very important to have a healthy and strong immune system, also in the summer months. Nobody wants to be sick in bed on vacation, with nice weather or if you are planning a barbecue or festival. Curious as to how you can best strengthen your immune system? Look at our products page!

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