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NEWS: Dutch Cancer Society studies beta glucan. Expected outcome in 2020

Since July 1st 2016, Dr. C. Govers started a study, sponsored by the Dutch Cancer Society, in which he studies beta glucans. Specifically the usability of beta glucan in the fight against cancer tumors in the body. At the Wageningen University & Research centre he studies if beta glucan can enhance the immune system that much, that it is capable to attack tumors. Often, the problem is that immune cells do work against cancer cells, but at some point they are slowed down and lose the battle. If they could be stronger in the fight, they might be able to break through the barrier of the tumor.

Dr. Govers also studies the part beta glucan could play in relation to chemotherapy. “We can easily add [beta glucan] to the treatment, that is an advantage. And if you know that a natural fiber like that has a positive effect if you add it to your diet, than it will psychologically do a lot for the patient. Besides that, we can see in the literature that the negative effects of chemotherapy are less severe when you take these fibers”, says the researcher.

Furthermore he looks if beta glucan can prevent tumors to grow back. After the treatment of the cancer, the tumor often disappears, but it also grows back often. Dr. Govers is going to test if the growing back can be prevented, by orally taking beta glucan.

The Dutch Cancer Society supports this study by financing it. They expect that this promising study will be finished in 2020. On the website of the Dutch Cancer Society you can read more about this study.



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