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How does the immune system work? and how can Natriche Immune help?

The immune system is the specialized defense mechanism that our body deploys against intruders, toxins and cancer cells. In ideal circumstances is it just strong enough to destroy pathogens and cancer cells, but stays it enough under control so that it doesn’t attack our own body. There are a few ways in which our immune system does this.


Firstly, the skin and mucous membranes protect us from intruders from the outside. They form a barrier for bacteria and viruses. This part of the defense system doesn’t make distinctions between the different types of intruders. This is also called the ‘physical barrier’. The general defense, as its name suggests, doesn’t focus on one specific pathogen, but on all foreign substances that appear in the body. The physical barrier is actually also a part of the a-specific immune system. However, different white blood cells play the lead role in this defense. They form a quick defense, that doesn’t make distinctions between the types of intruders.

The monocytes, a type of those white blood cells develop into macrophages: a kind of vacuum cleaner of the immune system that ingests bacteria’s, foreign cells and damaged and dead cells. Different granulocytes (neutrophil and eosinophil) can also ingest substances, but besides that also contains granules (little grains in the cytoplasm) that release enzymes. Those enzymes help with the killing and digesting of substances. Then there are also the basophile granulocytes whereas the granules contain histamine – a substance that plays a part with allergic reactions – and natural-killer-cells that can directly destroy other cells. The physical barrier and the general defense together form the innate immune system. This first line of defense is present as of the birth.


The specific immune system is the defense that you develop during your life. The system focuses every time on one particular pathogen. It uses specialized defense cells for that. These cells are called ‘dendritic cells’. After they captured an intruder, they will secrete substances that attract other defense cells. They will also build in parts of the intruder into their own cell wall. This is for a certain reason. Because of the substances that dendritic cells secrete, so-called B-cells and T-cells are attracted. Once the B-cells come into contact with parts of the intruder in the cell wall of the dendritic cells, something special happens. The B-cells are transformed into so-called plasma cells.

The plasma cells are capable of creating substances that can bind to the parts of the intruder in the cell wall of the macrophage. The substances are called ‘anti-substances’ or ‘antibodies’. The parts of the intruders against which they are aimed at are called ‘antigens’. The anti-substances will only bind to the antigens of the bacteria or the virus that is offered by the concerning dendritic cell. That makes that they are very specifically aimed at a certain kind of intruder. That’s why this part of the immune system is called the ‘specific immune system’.


Your defense system chances during your life. The specific immunity isn’t fully functioning when you are born, newborns do have antibodies from the mother that passed the placenta during pregnancy. These antibodies protect a child until the own defense is developed. Babies also receive antibodies through breast milk.
The effectiveness of the defense system decreases with the age. You are less capable to distinguish body own from body foreign substances, whereby auto-immune diseases are more common at an older age. Macrophages destroy body-own substances slower, T-lymphocytes react less quick to antigens and there are less lymphocytes available for new antigens. An older body is less capable to react to a new pathogen. Also the amount of complement protein is smaller with elderly than with youngsters. Besides that, the older body produces less antibodies as a reaction on an antigen and the antibodies are also less capable to bind itself to a antigen. This possibly explains why older people are more sensitive to infections, like pneumonia and flu, but also certain forms of cancers.

Natriche Immune

So it is very important, especially at an old age, to have a strong and healthy immune system. But this isn’t the case with everyone. A bad diet, stress or a disease can all cause a weakened immune system. This is where Natriche Immune comes in the picture. The unique composition of Natriche Immune soft capsule is THE ideal combination to support your own immune system. Natriche Immune contributes to the normal function of the immune system. Our soft capsule is 100% of natural origin, and is easy to take.

The Zinc, Selenium and Yeast Beta Glucan, in combination with Omega 3 oil forms the basis for a stronger immune system, and is suitable for all. The most optimal dose of Yeast Beta Glucan is only two times a day the intake of one our soft capsule. The effect of Yeast Beta Glucan, is widely praised for its effect and many reports from scientists have already been published.

Natriche Immune is a proactive supplement, which can be consumed year-round, so your immune system is always ready to protect your body against “intruders”. Even when the sun shines, your immune system can use a helping and supportive hand.

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