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How aging affects the immune system

The immune system is a network of cells, tissues and organs, that work together to defend the body from attacks of organisms like bacteria, parasites and fungi that can cause infections. The cells that are part of the immune system are leukocytes, or white blood cells. Foreign substances that intrude the body are called antigens.
Every person on earth has a unique immune system. Some people seem to be dressed in an armor against infections, whilst others get floored whenever there are bugs around.
When it comes to germs, aging has got its advantages and disadvantages. The older we get, the more our immune system develops defenses against antigens. We acquire antibodies against the germs we defeated in the past. That’s why adults tend to get less colds than children.
Now some of the disadvantages:
• The thymus, that is located behind the breastbone, is one of the organs of our immune system. In the thymus are the immune cells, white blood cells called T-lymphocytes (T-cells), formed. The thymus starts to shrink when we are adolescents. When we reach middle age, the thymus is only about 15% of its maximum size.
• Some T-cells kill antigens instantly. Others help with the coordination of the other parts of the immune system. Although the number of T-cells doesn’t decrease when we age, the functioning of them does decrease.
• Macrophages, which are white blood cells that ingest antigens, don’t work as quickly as they used to do. This slowdown may also be one of the reasons cancer is more common with older people.
• There are less white blood cells capable of reacting to antigens. So whenever older people encounter a new antigen, the body is less capable to defend itself against this and remember it.
• The number of antibodies that are produced as a reaction to an antigen is lower with older people and the antibodies are less capable to attach itself to the antigen. These changes might explain partially why pneumonia, influenza, infectious endocarditis and tetanus are more common and deadly with older people. These changes might also explain why vaccinations are less effective with elderly.
• Later in life, the immune system seems to be less tolerant for the own cells of the body. Sometimes an autoimmune disease can develop; normal tissue is seen as hostile tissue and then the immune cells starts to attack certain organs or tissues. Some of the autoimmune diseases are: lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, scleroderma and Bechterew disease.
• Diabetes, which is also more common with older people, can also lead to a weakened immune system.


So it is very important, especially at an older age, that the immune system is strong and healthy. But this isn’t the case with everyone and that’s where Natriche Immune enters the picture.
The unique composition of Natriche Immune soft capsule is THE ideal combination to support your own immune system. Natriche Immune contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system. Our soft capsule is 100% of natural origin, and is easy to take.
The Zinc, Selenium and Yeast Beta Glucan, in combination with Omega 3 oil forms the basis for a stronger immune system, and is suitable for all.
The most optimal dose of Yeast Beta Glucan is only two times a day the intake of one our soft capsule.
Yeast Beta Glucan, is widely praised for its effect and many reports from scientists have already been published.

Natriche Immune is a proactive supplement, which can be consumed year-round, so your immune system is always ready to protect your body against “intruders”. Even when the sun shines, your immune system can use a helping and supportive hand.

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